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Your number one source for matching Verified licensed therapists with the right families and companies. Our priority is filling those unwanted gaps in therapist schedules, quick therapists turn over, and finding local therapeutic services for many families easier. People with special needs deserve to receive appropriate services from one of the best therapists near their area. Therapists working with individuals with special needs, especially children, tend to have scheduling problems because schedule availability is by the client’s schedule and the therapist’s capability of being with the client at the time needed. With therapist hire, we help make the process of checking off all the boxes on your list much quicker!

Therapist Hire offers an array of services that enable families to find therapeutic services that fit their schedule. It also provides employment opportunities for the therapist who's ready and willing to work.

Our digital platform provides a simple, comprehensive solution for finding a vast variety of therapeutic services that many don’t know was accessible outside of what’s provided by the local schools or Community Centers. Additionally, Therapist Hire allows families to request background checks and view profiles of therapists that have them done before hire, all through the website and App.


We provide a platform for finding high-quality jobs. Also, access to benefits that may lead to sustainable, meaningful careers both with companies and families. We also help to fill those unwanted gaps with clients. Therapists can contact and be contacted by families and companies that are interested in their services and skill set. They can build their own client base, as long as their license permits it.


We help produce a therapist. With our therapist providing their availability and their current location, the recruiter can easily find available therapists who are ready and willing to take the job in the specific time and area required when they don’t have employees who can meet their scheduling needs. It also decreases the client’s needs that are not being met due to the lack of coverage. Good to remember that many professionals don’t work in the same area they live in, finding people according to their address can’t guarantee that you will find the right person you need.

We hope you enjoy our services as much as we love offering them to you.

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